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​privacy policy

Our privacy policy has been established in accordance with the "Act on the Protection of Personal Information (Act No. 57 of May 30, 2003)" and related laws and regulations.  

  In order to ensure that you can use our office with peace of mind, we will take responsibility for protecting the content of the personal information entered in the "Inquiry Form".

1) Collection of personal information

We may collect personal information to the extent necessary in the following cases.

・ When making inquiries or consultations with us

・ In addition, when necessary for the execution of our intellectual property business

2) Purpose of use of personal information


We will use the personal information collected from our customers for the following purposes.

・ Execution of our intellectual property business ・ Contact to those who have made inquiries from the "Inquiry Form" ・ Execution of other matters related to the above purpose of use

3) Provision of personal information to a third party

We will not provide the acquired personal information to a third party without the prior consent of the individual, except when it should be treated as an exception by law.

4) Disclosure, correction, etc. of personal information

In the Firm, disclosure of self-information from the person in question of personal information, correction, if was Tsu your Toiawasegaa of deletion, etc., we will take appropriate action.

Inquiries regarding personal information protection

TEL / FAX 0798-64-1856


Inquiry form


Kuno Patent Office

Representative Patent Attorney Yoshihiro Kuno

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